Partners Wanted For Real Estate Ventures.

Invest in Real Estate

The  goal is to get multiple partners so when we see an opportunity we can strike fast.

INVEST ON PROPERTIES LLC is a State registered business keeping everything legal, transparent and  protecting us as investors from personal liabilities.

Send us your name, email address and phone number and when a property arises we'll contact you to see if you're interested.

Invest What You Can

Our profits will be agreed in writing based on the percentage that you invest in equal or unequal ratios, lets' say you invest 20% then the splits would be (20-80) ratio.

 if you invest 50% then the split would be (50-50) ratio etc.

Invest On a Property That's Right For You

Neither partners can make a decision without the others approval.

Get Started

Send us a message including your name and phone number give us an idea of how you would like to invest.

Perhaps you want to flip homes and have no down payment but have good credit. 

Let's discuss the options there are multiple ways to fund based on the particular deal.

If you thought about flipping properties this is a perfect opportunity.

Get Started Flipping Houses In Monmouth & Ocean County

Tell us a little bit about you and your goals.

Partner With Us On Your Next Venture

We'll Buy It

Finding a good deal is the beginning to it all, we can put our money together and purchase an investment property

We'll Fix It

We will discuss what kind of repairs we need to do in order to make it retailable and get it ready in the shortest time possible 

We'll Sell It

We will market the house intelligently , sell the house and split the profits. If you're interested in investing  let's do it.